The EDG 19

The EDG19 has a long history. Originally, it was founded in 1991 as a school drama course by Dr. Christine Zeiler, performing once or twice a year. Classical pieces such as Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” or Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” were alternated with comedies such as Sue Townsend’s “The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole” or John Godber’s “Teechers”. The group has survived – with changing casts – until today.

In 2009, we became a free theatre group; we still perform a wide variety of plays such as Ayckbourn’s “A Small Family Business”, Poole’s “Bottom’s Dream”, Coward’s “Hay Fever”, Simon’s “Rumors” and Cooney’s “Funny Money”. The combination of authenticity and a high standards regarding language with the joy of switching roles and the involvment of the whole group is our trademark.

We hope that our large audience will loyally return and that we will win many new fans with our next production!

The EDG 19 and Christine Zeiler