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Welcome to the



Whether you have watched numerous of our performances or came across this page by chance: feel free to browse our homepage, and come back to check out our news! In the meantime, enjoy Rowan Atkinson’s famous “A Warm Welcome”, performed live by Mathias Kainz at Teachers of English in Austria in 2014.

The EDG19

The English drama group EDG19 has a long history. Originally founded in 1991 as a school drama course by Dr. Christine Zeiler, it has survived – with changing casts – until today. In 2009, we became a free theatre group; we have performed very different plays such as Ayckbourn’s “A Small Family Business”, Poole’s “Bottom’s Dream”, Coward’s “Hay Fever”, Simon’s “Rumors”, Cooney’s “Funny Money” and Urbinati’s “Death by Design”. We’re looking forward to seeing you at our next production!